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You did it. It's January 2021, you’re watching President Yang’s historical inauguration. 

When you first discovered Andrew Yang, he just made sense. You persuaded your friends to listen to his Youtube interviews. You qualified him for the debates with your donations. You proudly wore your pink hat at all his rallies as Yang’s popularity grew from unknown outsider to household name.

Not left, not right, but forward. We’ll vote ourselves the FREEDOM DIVIDEND together.

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What makes #YangGang special is the creative contributions to @AndrewYang's campaign. Content creation. Organizing. Phone banking. Rapping. Tweeting. Trucking. Each one is spreading Yang's message to unite a divided nation. Thank you for making the hats represent #HumanityFirst.  Together, let’s raise $5,000 for Yang2020! When you buy a hat, you donate $25 to the campaign. If you don't want to contribute, get $25 off by using the coupon code: MATH. And of course, crypto accepted!

Buy YangGang Pink Hat - Vaporwave | Yang 2020 | Andrew Yang

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  • yoitscho @chospi3

    Thank you @willyuwaychang for my first bad ass pink @AndrewYang hat. I love that it fits my giant head perfectly! Feeling a bit more #YangGang exclusive now.

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  • Yang Gang Love Leaders @YGLoveLeaders

    Pink hats were once a blemish to Andrew Yang's campaign. Will Chang helped change its meaning. Today, the YangGang wear them proudly to unite a divided nation. By spreading #HumanityFirst. 

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  • Tatted Lawyer @MichaelSatoshi

    So hyped that my first piece of Yang Gear came in today courtesy of @willyuwaychang!! I’ll wear this Yang Drip proudly. #DripDrip #Pinkhatpack #iSupportYang

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I'm from a local YangGang group. Can I sell YangGang Pink Hats at our table or local rallies to fundraise for our group?

Yes, I'm happy to help you fundraise! 

Contact me to ask about wholesale prices available to you based on volume. You'll be able to sell these hats to raise money at your table or local rallies!

Contact me via the Contact FormTwitter or Email.

How can we be sure it’s being donated to Yang?

I’m a huge Andrew Yang fan and I want to help his campaign. It’s ok if you don’t want to donate, totally understand. You can donate directly to his website:

If you still want the hat without the donation, you can use the coupon code: MATH.

I don't want a hat, how do I donate directly to Andrew Yang's campaign?

You can donate on his website:

What are Andrew Yang's policies?

3 Main Policies
1. The Freedom Dividend
2. Medicare for All
3. Human-Centered Capitalism

Andrew Yang's Policy on Combating Climate Change
It's Worse Than You Think - Lower Emissions. Higher Ground. 

Andrew Yang's Policy on Combating Government Corruption
Restoring Democracy, Rebuilding Trust

Read the rest of his policies here:

Together, let’s raise $5,000 for the Freedom Dividend!

All proceeds from hat purchases will be donated to Yang 2020 Campaign

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"I am not willing to accept the country we are leaving for our children."

Buy YangGang Pink Hat - Vaporwave | Yang 2020 | Andrew Yang

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